Bryson teen returns home after battle rare brain disease


BRYSON, TX (KAUZ) - A Bryson teen got quite the homecoming Monday night after spending more than four months in the hospital fighting for her life.

Doctors told Morgan Larance's parents she would not be able to walk or talk again due to a rare brain infection, but now the 15-year-old is being called a miracle after defying the odds.

She was escorted to her home by the local fire department and sheriff's office and rolled up in style as she waved out the sunroof of a limousine while dozens of family and friends greeted her with cheers.

"It amazes me to see all the people standing behind me, to encourage me and just welcome me home," said Morgan. "It just makes me feel good, and I am just glad they were here."

Morgan's friend Cat Manuel said Morgan has worked very hard to get to where she is now.

"So, we wanted to all be together and help her feel extremely welcome and make her know that we are proud of her for all that she's accomplished," said Manuel.

This day is one Morgan's family was told would never come.

"Doctors told us she had a two percent chance of ever doing anything on her own, walk, talk, eat," said Michael Larance. "They were ready for us to take her off her life support and just let her die."

But Morgan's parents said they refused to give up on their daughter.

"I told them that day, my baby was going to walk out that door, and she did," said Michael Larance.

Morgan said she is so excited to finally be home.

"I was sick of that hospital, but now I am out of there and I can sleep in my own bed," said Morgan.

Although she knows doctor visits are inevitable she is hoping overnight stays are in the past. She also feels there is a greater purpose for her sickness and miraculous recovery.

"I feel like that was God's plan for me," said Morgan. "He [God] wanted me to see this and kind of just open my eyes and realize what I have in life, and what I need to be thankful for."

Morgan said what she is thankful for is her family and friends and being able to do the things many of us take for granted.

Her friends and family had no doubt she would recover and be able to get her life back.

"Something told me it was not her time to go," said Michael Larance.

Her father said this is one of the toughest things he has ever had to go through and says it is a reminder for parents to cherish each day we have with our children.

Like many people her Uncle Robbie is calling her a warrior.

"It's a miracle! I mean it's the only way to explain it, it is a miracle," said Robbie Larance.

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