Hometown Pride Tour: Windthorst Cow Sign

Benita Essler carries on her sister's legacy.
Benita Essler carries on her sister's legacy.

WINDTHORST, TX (KAUZ) - In Windthorst, a town once driven by dairy farms, it is nearly impossible to drive through the town and not see a cow.

But one cow stands out among the rest.

For 50 years the "Cow Sign" has been a major part of Windthorst. Informing and entertaining the community and those just passing through.

For Benita Essler, the women in charge of this cow, it is not just about informing a community, but carrying on a loved one's legacy.

Essler was born and raised Windthorst and has been responsible for what goes on the iconic cow for seven years.

"I enjoy it so I'll continue on until I can't anymore," said Essler.

But Benita was not always in charge of the cow. It was actually her sister, Tina Neeb, who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2010.

Since then Tina's sisters have continued to keep her legacy alive.

"My sister and I fell in her footsteps to take care of the cow, put up the letters and take them down and everything," said Lily Rife.

Benita knows her sister is always looking down on her and the famous cow sign from above.

"I think she was pleased that I started to do this in her memory," said Essler.

As Windthorst gets ready to kick off their 125th celebration this weekend, Benita tells me the cow is also hitting a milestone this year, turning 50-years-old.

Currently, the cow sign has all the information you might need for this weekend's 125th celebration.

We are getting you ready for that and will continue highlighting the Texoma town all this week as we   continue our Hometown Pride Tour of Windthorst.

Thursday, we take a trip to the Windthorst General Store.