Fish added to Buffalo Creek Reservoir to increase water life


More life was added to Buffalo Creek Reservoir Thursday.
90 full grown bass, catfish, and other large fish were retired from the fish hatchery and released into the water.
A few years ago, the reservoir was completely dry and had very little life left in it.
Now that the water is back up, Texas Parks and Wildlife are working to restock the lake.

So far this year, 175,000 finger-length fish were distributed.

Thursday however, was a little different.
90 full grown catfish and bass went into the lake to help grow that population even more.
Officials call it a retirement for the fish.

These guys and gals have done their job and have had a nice long fruitful life in our hatchery helping produce millions of bass that we have restocked all across the state, said Tom Lang with the Texas Parks and Wildlife.  Now it's time for them to retire.  Fishing is a stored pass time in our country and we certainly love it and Texans certainly love our fishing too.  We're glad to get this fishing hole back on life for everybody to go out and enjoy.

180 large fish were distributed across Texas.
90 of them in this lake officials said it took a little bit longer for this lake to build back up after the drought.  Now, they said the lake is ready for fishermen.
Tom Land with Texas Parks and Wildlife said he sees adding fish to the water as a major comeback from the drought.