Teen relives moments she and others tried to save boy's life

Lake Iowa Park
Lake Iowa Park

IOWA PARK, TX (KAUZ) - Wednesday Newschannel 6 told you about a 7-year-old boy that nearly drowned at Lake Iowa Park.

A 17-year-old girl and others worked to try and save the child's life once he was pulled out of the lake.

We spoke Sydney Miser about the incident.

Miser said she was at the lake with her friends to just have a fun and relaxing day.

It began that way but ended up taking a turn for the worst.

"God has a time for you to go," Miser said. "And I was really hoping two days ago was not his time because he's only seven."

Summer is when you find people on the lake soaking up the sun.

That is exactly what Miser was doing with her friends, but things quickly changed.

"I just looked up and I heard someone yelling call 9-1-1," Miser said. "This boy, his name is Dustin, he's the one who got him from the water."

Miser is CPR certified and immediately put her skills to use.

"It was really scary for me because his eyes were open but he didn't have a pulse," Miser said. "As I was performing CPR, I started crying but I just kept going and whenever you're doing CPR they say go to the beat of the staying alive song. So I was singing that song in my head and I just kept going."

Miser said all she wanted was for him to wake up.

"A little over three years ago my father passed away five days after my birthday," Miser said. "I didn't want his family going through what I've already experienced. Even thinking about it makes me emotional. He hasn't even lived his life. This world is a very scary place. But there are good things in this world and I just want him to experience them."

She said her faith is what got her through the traumatic situation and she wants others to cherish their loved ones.

"Keep your family close because you never know when you will lose them," Miser said.

At last check, the boy is still in a medically induced coma at Cook Children's Medical Center in Forth Worth fighting for his life.

We will keep you updated on his condition once we know more.

Miser said she encourages everyone to learn CPR because you never know when someone's life might depend on it.

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