Bowie officially has the Guinness World Record for the Largest Bowie Knife

The Largest Bowie Knife earned its name in Bowie, Texas as of June 8, 2017. The town unveiled the official Guinness World Record Certificate Thursday.

The Bowie Chamber of Commerce has worked on making the dream a reality since 2013 and today they were able to present the certificate.

"This is a prime example of what can be accomplished when a community of people come together," Van Baize with the Bowie Chamber of Commerce said.

"There are many people to thank for this project," Bryan Brown with the Bowie Chamber of Commerce said.

"(To) the Brashear family, thank yall very much for helping us get this put together," Baize said.

The Brashear family has deep roots in the town.

"The thing I always think about. Everywhere I used to go (...) with my grandfather and my father, we tell people stories about our hometown Bowie," Lance Brashear said.

He said his dad, Bobbie Brashear Sr. and his granddad really wanted to bring more people to the town.

"Hopefully with this designation, there will be plenty of visitors to come and shop here in Bowie," Bobbie Brashear said.

Brown said the knife might not be here without Bobbie Brashear Sr. who passed away just four months before the Guinness officially designated the title.

"We still had a pretty hefty goal to reach with the knife and so he went into Van's office and he was talking a little bit," Brown said.

"My husband donated this in honor of his mother and daddy," Verna Mae Brashear said.

"He said how much do you need and Van told him," Brown said, "and he went outside and got his checkbook. So, he kind of helped push it over the top because we were really at the point of hey we're going to have to make this happen."

"I look at this knife as another story they can tell," Lance said.

The chamber has spent many years making what seemed like a crazy idea become an icon that can now bring more people to Bowie.

"It's just been a wild ride but obviously worth it with today now that we get to stand here and say we are officially the world's largest," Brown said.

The official record states the knife is twenty feet and six inches tall. Now that it's official, you can buy Bowie Knife Souvenirs. The chamber is currently selling t-shirts and pins.

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