Local non-profit looking for new location before end of the month

WICHITA FALLS, TX - One Wichita Falls non-profit is asking for help from the public after being told they won't have a place to stay at the end of the month.

Dr. Alan Martin is the president of the Wichita Falls chapter of "Friends of the Library" that provides more than 104,000 free and low-cost books to the community, schools, and many other organizations.

In Martin's shop, there are more than 180 different categories for readers.

"The ability to have all this space all this shelving to make all these books available to the public is just a joy for me," said Martin.

It's the wide variety of books that make people like Bryson Petersen who came into the non-profit for the first time Friday, stop in awe.

"The fact that these books actually have a place to go to where they can still be available to young reader or old readers or people who are looking for a certain source of information that's an amazing thing," said Petersen.

Semeiah Mitchell visits the shop frequently and is glad to see it here.

"It's a place where you can get discounted books that are of good quality and in good condition gives people another option to read," said Mitchell.

Martin is facing a challenge now.  He's been told this "Friends of the Library" space will turn into an adult day care center.

The non-profit has until the end of the month to move.

"We just need a new home," said Martin.  "This shouldn't be the end of the friends of the library."

"It's so sad that a resource like this might not be around that much longer," said Petersen.

The staff has been asking customers to be on the lookout for places where they can relocate so that they can continue to serve the community.

"We want to continue this," said Martin.  "There are friends of the library organizations all over the country.  I pray.  As long as I'm awake I'm praying.  We are going to have help.  Somewhere down the line."

Martin is encouraging anyone who is interested in taking some of the books they have in stock to visit their location on 7th and Austin Street.
If you're interested in helping the nonprofit find a new place, contact Dr. Alan Martin at 940-263-9403.