Lifesaving training offered at the downtown YMCA in WF

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A 17-year-old girl put her lifesaving training to use when a child needed help on Iowa Park Lake.

Her bravery is now encouraging many to get certified in CPR, something parents say is good for not only those who have children but everyone, because you never know when someone's life might depend on it.

CPR classes are offered at the YMCA located in downtown Wichita Falls.

That is where a lot of families, including Kelly Brown, and her kids are hitting the pool to stay cool from the summer heat.

Brown said her kids certainly love taking a dip and says she knows when it comes to having children around water there are risks. That is why the mother of three is prepared for an emergency situation.

"With my first child we learned CPR," said Brown.

She said her husband is a nurse so she trusts that if anything were to happen when they are there they would be able to help.

"But God forbid I am not around, I would love it if someone else knew CPR that they could help," said Brown.

Noel Filer, the YMCA's Mission Advancement Director, said they hope to increase awareness by offering this training.

"To help people be better prepared to save either a complete stranger or maybe their loved ones," said Filer.

Those who take the course will learn how to do the correct number of chest compressions and breaths, alerting emergency services quickly and using the Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to restore proper rhythm to someone's heartbeat. The course also teaches first aid training.

"It's a class where after you go to it you can feel confident that if there's an emergency situation you are prepared to help," said Filer.

Brown said this is good to know because this training can be needed in a number of situations not just swimming, but even something as routine as eating.

"Anything could happen at anytime," said Brown.

The course consists of an online portion, lecture and hands on training. It is for adults, but Filer said the info is good for all ages.

"We hope that those adults go home and share those skills with their family, because you know emergencies happen where ever you're at," said Filer.

Filer said at the YMCA they have had to use CPR multiple times over the years.

"So we are really committed to providing that training because we know it's not if it's going to happen, it's when," said Filer.

Right now this is that is hitting close to home for many following the loss of a Texoma child.

"It's really heartbreaking that that beautiful child was lost, but you know it just motivates us to do what we can to prevent any single child or adult from a tragic result," said Filer.

The class also goes through other lifesaving skills like how to use an EpiPen properly.

It is $65 per person and is from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Deadline for registration is always at noon the Wednesday before the class date.


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Along with CPR training classes, the Y also offers swimming lessons for all ages.

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