Man seen in photo who stopped for funeral procession says its about respect

Man seen in photo who stopped for funeral procession says its about respect

It was a hard day when Matthew Munoz had to attend his sister Brittany Munoz's funeral.

During the funeral procession, he saw a stranger pull off to the side of the road and took off his hat to offer his condolences. The picture circulated on social media where Munoz wanted to give the man a "thank you."

"I'd honestly tell him thank you," Munoz told us last week. "You helped me through a hard time in my life. That's one thing that I can't stop thinking about is that guy who showed his respect."

After the image circulated, the man in the picture, Preston McGee, was found thanks to social media. McGee said it was just a simple gesture, knowing someone is hurting from the loss of someone else and giving families that support and respect.

"I didn't really think that this gesture would get so much play," McGee wrote to Munoz on Facebook. "I obviously didn't do it for the play. I did it because we as people all have losses of family members in common. It hurts. I just wanted to acknowledge your pain is pain we all feel when tragedy strikes a family. If my small gesture grows into the community, showing support for everyone who suffers loss in the future, I'm glad I could get it rolling. It's not about me. It's about mankind caring for everyone."

Munoz said because of McGee, he will do the same gesture whenever he sees another funeral procession. They both plan to meet in person and have dinner with their families.

"It meant a lot to me it really did," said Munoz. "Respect goes a far way."

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