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Price tag for new weight room at Barwise concerns some WFISD trustees

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Wichita Falls Independent School District board members held a special session on Tuesday.

A hot topic up for debate is a more than $200,000 addition to Barwise Middle School.

Board members talked about building a new weight room, but it is the price tag that has them concerned.

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said about three years ago when they first started looking at adding a weight room, it was about $130,000. Now that number is about $75,000 more.

Some board members questioned if there are other projects with a higher priority that need to be taken care of and if middle school students need a $200,000 weight room.

The idea of using portable buildings the district already owns was also brought up. At the next board meeting on Monday, June 19 board members will go over details on how much it will cost to get those portable ready to go.

Superintendent Kuhrt said the school needs a weight room because the one students are using now is not safe or even designed to be one. Adding right now it is in an upstairs gym where students play volleyball and basketball.

A new track is already in the works at Barwise. The demolition for that project started Monday.  

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