Workforce Solutions launches summer work program

Teens in Wichita Falls are entering the workforce this summer with the help of Workforce Solutions.
This is the first year for the “Summer Earn and Learn” program.
Organizers said the goal is for employers to hire students with disabilities so they can get experience before entering the workforce.
Holly Roy is a recent high school graduate, who has a passion for art.
I've been doing digital art for most of my life, said Roy.  I literally do it on a day to day basis.
It is this joy she found in design that is taking her to college at Oklahoma Christian University.
They're actually going to have a digital art degree starting in the fall and I'll be there just in time for it, said Roy.
The summer Earn and Learn program gives people like Holly a chance to have a summer job.
Ellen Dingus is a transitions counselor at Texas Workforce Solutions and is also heading the program.
Having that work experience to show on their resume in a field that they plan on going into or earning a degree in (or) certification in, that just puts them above other competitors for future jobs, said Dingus.
Students either getting ready for college or currently in college take a class to learn what it takes to enter the workforce.
They learn everything from how to interview to work ethic.
Once the class is done, each student is assigned to an employer that fits the field they are looking to study.
19 students are taking part in the program this year.
The next step was finding employers, something business services manager Kendra Ball said was not hard to do.
When we started trying to find employers we were even approached by other employers who were interested in taking part in the program, said Ball.
Roy is glad to see a program like this that can help her get work.
I think it's great that these people are helping people like me or people with certain other disabilities helping get jobs, said Roy.
They're ready, said Dingus.  They are so ready to take this challenge on and they have just been absolutely amazing to work with and to watch them grow through this whole process.
Roy will start her job for the summer on June 19.
Dingus with the Texas Workforce Solutions said she wants to see this program grow to have even more employers.

Newschannel6 is a proud participant in the summer Earn and Learn program.

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