Ride Share company LYFT is operating in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The ride share company LYFT is hitting the streets of Wichita Falls, picking up people for rides.

Mareo Morales is a LYFT driver in Wichita Falls.

Newschannel6 was his first call Friday morning.

"I was very excited because I was waiting," said Morales

The ride-sharing company has only been in town since the start of May.

Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 100, making it possible for ride sharing companies like LYFT and UBER to operate in more Texas towns, so long as they have a permit and pay a fee.

Drivers no longer have to be fingerprinted.

"Neither freedom nor free enterprise is contained by city limits," said Governor Greg Abbott.

Under the new law, ride sharing companies do not have to notify cities where they plan to operate.

"Until you told me that we had LYFT coming to Wichita Falls, I had no idea," said Wichita County Constable Mark Brewer.  "Very few people had any idea that LYFT was coming."

Brewer has taken rides with LYFT and is excited to see the company come to the Falls, adding that it would be easy for people needing a ride downtown and to and from Sheppard Air Force Base.

"It will bring about competition," said Brewer.  "Competition is always good for the consumer."

Morales said he is excited to start his job to serve others.

"We have a philosophy to serve the people and I am sure we will do well," said Morales.

On Tuesday, Wichita Falls City Council will amend the current ordinance about ridesharing in the city to reflect the state law.

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