Water quality a top priority to Wichita Falls leaders

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls city leaders are trying to improve the water that residents use straight out of the tap.

It's a project that's expected to be given the green light on Tuesday inside council chambers.

It is a $1 million project that is done every year. But this year they want to focus on improving the water quality and reliability of the water system.

City leaders say they are happy with what they are providing but still want it to be better.

Every summer the lakes turn in Texoma leading to a change in the smell and taste of water in the Falls.

"I have heard about it," resident, Darren Fross said. "But I have not noticed it. I take a shower every day and haven't noticed any difference in smell."

While some might not notice it, others do. Deputy Director of Public Works, Teresa Rose, said there is nothing they can do about the lakes.

But there are other things they can and want to address. Barbara Hull has had bad experiences with her tap water in the past.

"I had brown water and an odor from the water," Hull said. "So I think it would be good if they improved the water."

1.2 miles worth of older mains would be replaced, leading to less water backing up in the dead end mains and becoming stagnant.

Rose said the water should taste better after the improvements.

"If that money is going to make the water better, clearer, no smell, tastes better, because a lot of people buy bottled water, it would be a good thing," Hull said. "We could drink it out of the sink again."

Rose knows that the water does not affect everyone.

"It seems fine to me," resident Barbara McCracken said. "It's as good as any other water. I can't tell the difference."

It is safe to drink. But Rose wants everyone to be happy with their service and the water they are providing.

If this project is approved, the city will also work to reduce maintenance costs by addressing the areas that require the most attention first.

Rose said that approach would also save them money in the long run.

If passed, construction for the project will take 240 days.

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