Wichita Co. Commissioners elected to jail project committee

Wichita Co. Commissioners elected to jail project committee

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - A committee is being formed to oversee the design and construction of the Wichita County Jail and Law Enforcement Center.

On Monday, three county commissioners were elected to the committee.

County Judge Woody Gossom and Precinct 4 Commissioner Jeff Watts will be there to represent the commissioner's court.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Mark Beauchamp will also be an alternate for the committee.

Judge Gossom said he picked Commissioner Watts because of his financial background.

The committee, which also includes the Sheriff, I.T. personnel, financial advisers, and the building superintendent will deal with any of the larger issues that come up throughout the process.

Judge Gossom said they will have to look at containing costs.

"We have a maximum price of $70 million and we're not going to go over that," he said. "At least I can't see a good reason for it. We want to see how other stuff comes out of the special session. It may actually change our operations."

If the committee decides to make any financial or conceptual changes, it will have to be voted on by the commissioner's court.

There will also be sub-committees below the larger one that will deal with a majority of the details.

One of the sub-committees will look over the jail portion of the project and the other will look at the law enforcement center portion.

Judge Gossom said they will be the one's that are most involved.

He believes these committees will also help keep the project's on schedule so everything is completed by spring of 2020.

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