Gun range project for Wichita Co. Sheriff's deputies suffers setbacks

Wichita County Firing Range
Wichita County Firing Range

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita County officials and construction workers are trying to keep the firing range project for Sheriff's deputies on track after a couple of setbacks.

The issues were discussed at Monday's Commissioners Court meeting.

Last week a forklift ran over the asphalt surface, creating a large crack.

The surface was laid at the beginning of the month and is already in need of repair after that incident.

County Judge, Woody Gossom, said it will be an easy fix.

The crack will be filled and the surface will then be leveled out.

The project faced another setback when the air conditioning was not serviced inside the training center.

It has since been fixed and construction of that building is back on track.

Judge Gossom said he is happy with the progress, but in hindsight, there could have been better communication throughout the process.

"We probably should have delineated better what Trinity Hughes was responsible for, what the county was responsible for," Judge Gossom said. "And make sure we have a little bit better coordination so we didn't cross paths on what each other was doing."

Precinct 2 Commissioner, Lee Harvey, said he is happy with the progress on the sidewalks, ramps, and bathrooms.

An additional item was passed by commissioners to purchase two doors for the training center for $5,000.

Judge Gossom said the mishaps will not require any additional money to fix them and the project is still expected to be completed by the end of July, barring a major setback.

He said the project is approximately 85-percent complete.

All that is left to tackle is some of the minor details.

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