Despite updates, neighbors concerned about construction along Monroe street

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Newschannel 6 learned Wednesday that the project to relieve flooding on Kemp Blvd. and Monroe St. is ahead of schedule.

Residents living in the area are excited to see the project, but also have concerns.

Jay Richardson has lived in his house for seven years now and every time it rains, his home suffers.

"We've had a couple of times where we've had water actually to this top step," said Richardson.

Due to this flooding, Wichita Falls made the intersection of Kemp and Monroe, its next big project. So far, a few blocks of culverts have been installed.

Project manager, Blane Boswell likes where the project is going.

"We're on track if not ahead of schedule right now," said Boswell.

Richardson said while he is happy to see this project happen after years of seeing that area flood, he has concerns about getting around.

He has seen several of his neighbors park blocks away because their homes are blocked by construction.

His biggest concern is for his wife who leaves for work in the middle of the night.

"It's just getting to a point now where people are going to have to start figuring out where they're going to go," said Richardson.

"We hate for anyone to be inconvenienced but the other side of the coin is it's part of construction as well. We have to be able to get in here and work and maintain and upgrade our infrastructure," said Boswell.

Richardson said he wishes before construction had started he had gotten a few more questions answered.

"A little more informative instead of a piece of paper stuck to the door saying we're going to do this," said Richardson. "I think they had talked to a few more people in this neighborhood."

Blane Boswell said before the project started, the city put notices on the doors of neighbors in the area alerting them of the construction.

Richardson said he got the first notice, but said he never heard about a meeting held with officials.

However, Blane Boswell said his department went through the proper protocol.

Public Works hopes to see this project completed by this time next year.

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