Deadly car crash survivor thought he and his son were going to die

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Newschannel6 spoke with a man involved in a deadly car crash on Highway 287 near Henrietta. Robert Brooks and his son were parked on the right shoulder when a car hit them from behind.

Brooks said he saw the car approaching and he tried to wave off the driver, James Norman Scott, 65. Brooks said Scott, did not see him because Scott had his head down.

Brooks got back in the car and told his son to get out.

"But he had his headphones on and he couldn't hear me," Brooks said. "I just got back in the car and put my seatbelt on with him, thinking, hopefully, the guy will pass us but he didn't pass us."

Brooks said he was preparing for the crash. He thought he was going to die.

"I grabbed my son by the hand," Brooks said. "I call him 'Pop.' I said 'hang on Pop, hang on.' He said 'Dad what's wrong?'

Brooks said he would have never forgiven himself if he let his son die alone.

"I knew my son wasn't thinking anything about it because he had his headphones on looking at his phone," Brooks said. "I was looking at the review mirror. I put the seat belt on and was thinking 'Man, this guy is really going to hit us."

Brooks said he does not remember being hit by Scott.

"Then I woke up. I was in the hospital."

Brooks a strong man, who works as an athletic trainer, now depends on his children to help him walk lie down. He said the pain is a lot better than losing his life and his son.

"I'm very sorry for the guy that hit us passed away but it could've been all three of us dead."

Brooks said his son feels sore but is still able to run around and be active.

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