WFPD ends investigation in 'fake cop' claim

WICHITA FALLS, TX - After investigation into 'fake cop' claims Wichita Falls Police have determined that the individual who was in question, is in fact employed by WFPD.

Officials with the Wichita Falls Police Department spoke with the subject who was stopped by the unknown subject on the motorcycle.  The complainant stated that the stop took place at around 4:45 pm on Tuesday.  The driver stated that he was getting on I44 from Airport Rd, northbound, when he saw a tractor trailer, which was also northbound, at the last minute and had to swerve to miss it.

He said he continued northbound on I44 when he noticed a motorcycle behind him with red and white strobe lights.  He said that they pulled off I44 prior to the Missile Rd. exit.

The driver said the individual on the motorcycle approached and that the guy was wearing a dark colored, long sleeve shirt, with an "embroidered" badge on the left chest area.

He then said the guy just told him to be careful when merging onto the freeway and let him go.

The driver then proceeded to Comet Cleaners by El Mexicano to pick up some laundry.

The driver stated that he then traveled northbound again on I44, when he saw the same guy on the motorcycle had another vehicle pulled over prior to Daniels Road.

The driver stated he looked at the motorcycle as he passed and did not see any markings on the motorcycle and stated it was smaller than the motorcycles the WFPD normally rides, in his opinion.

WFPD Officials checked Traffic Unit videos for that day to confirm who might have been working in that area that day.  Officials found that a WFPD Traffic Officer was in fact working that area.  Officials spoke with the Officer who stated that he stopped a pickup truck north of Airport on I44 for cutting off a tractor trailer at approximately 4:50 pm.  He said he just gave the driver a quick warning and let him go.  The Officer then made another traffic stop just north of Bacon Switch Road on I44 at approximately 5:00 pm.  Official's checked the officer's body cam video, and were able to see a pickup truck pass by, that appears to be the same make, model and color that the complainant was driving.  The Officer was wearing his WFPD uniform, including gun belt and badge and was riding his clearly marked WFPD motorcycle during both stops in question.

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