Bright colored costumes fill rooms at Animania

WICHITA FALLS, TX - From bright colored costumes, to mystical creatures.

Fans of this world, and others filled the Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall for the first every Animania Wichita Falls.

Kira Davidson came dress as "Sailor Moon."

"I love the anime community," said Davidson.  "I want to be in the anime community and I wanted to support a convention here in Wichita Falls.  People have wanted one here I've heard forever, and now we have one so I was going to be here to support."

She was so involved, picking her favorite part was hard.

"I just like everything," said Davidson.  "I just feel so at home here.  It's great."

Organizers got the idea to bring the convention to The Falls after realizing how big the anime community is.

"I thought hey that sounds like an awesome idea that is something I'd like to get involved," said Jared Thompson, a staff member with Animania.  "We started talking and as things progressed I've just kind of been helping them out and kind of going through this for about the last year and a half."

You don't have to become a comic character to enjoy animania, there are vendors selling everything from comics to posters.

"Some people come and go 'oh you've got this', you know and it's kind of special for them," said Wayne Anselme, owner of Wayne's Comic Closet.  "It's refreshing to see somebody discover something that they didn't think existed or they would ever find."

Thompson says he wants everyone to take home something special from this weekend.

"They come together," said Thompson.  "The cos players are awesome, the vendors are great, and it's just a really great environment."

Organizers say the first year for Animania Wichita Falls has been a big hit, with more than 2,800 people attending on Saturday.

Organizers hope to have it once a year for the next 10 years.

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