New phone scam in the Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX - There's a new phone scam in the Falls area, and a local man says he was receiving non-stop calls from different numbers with all of them asking for money. The scam victim says that the phone calls had the same voice and made the same financial demands.

Brian Ivy has lived at the intersection of Lisbon St. and Hawes Ave. for 25 years. A sign in the front of his home reads "Private property.  Violators will be prosecuted," but recently, he can't seem to keep scammers from reaching his digital property: his cell phone.

"They've been calling me telling me I've won a sweep stakes, a $25,000 sweep stakes, which I have not even entered one and, they wanted my debit or credit card information," said Ivy.

Ivy said that he called Wichita Falls Police Department who told him it was a scam and to not give the scammers any information at all. The Better Business Bureau said they had heard of similar potential scams reported in recent days.

"I think they are targeting people on fixed incomes, senior citizens, and stuff like that. In the past, they have targeted senior citizens because if they're like me, senior citizens can't afford to be out $300-$400, and sometimes if they get a hold of your bank information, they'll take everything that you've got," said Ivy.

According to Ivy, the multiple scam calls were coming from phones with area codes 940, 817, and 866.

If you or anyone you know thinks they may have fallen victim or at least received similar calls, you can go to the Better Business Bureaus Scam Tracker website by clicking HERE!

This is where you can report and even monitor other phone call scams in and around Texoma.

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