Snapchat’s new ‘Snap Map’ has users worried

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Snapchat it is one of the most popular apps, but recently a new feature has been raising a lot of safety concerns, not just for parents but teenagers as well.

Snapchat's new 'Snap Map' feature currently allows friends and even strangers to pin point your exact location.

It's not just Snapchat; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all have the ability to know your exact location and it is all because of one simple setting on your cell phone.

There is a simple way to protect your children and yourself, by changing those settings, but many times people don't even know those settings are turned on.

"As a father I'm just going to be honest with you I don't like it," said Sgt. Harold McClure.

One of the best things you can do as a parent is monitor your child's social media usage and passwords.

Peyton Wood and Jasmyn Montgomery Snapchat daily like most teenagers, but both were creeped out by the new Snap Map location feature.

Jasmyn said, "I felt first of all it was unnecessary and a little creepy."

There are ways to protect yourself and your privacy.

First, go to your setting --> select privacy --> there you have the option to turn off all location setting.

Snapchat also gives you options as well to switch over to ghost mode. This will hide your profile completely from friends and strangers.

McClure said it is not just Snapchat parents and teens need to be aware about.

Everyone should be smart when making the choice to accept a friend request, especially from someone you don't really know.

The best way to know when your location services are in use, a compass arrow icon will appear in the top right hand corner of your phone.

Once turned off or no long in use that icon will disappear.

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