How to keep summer insects from bugging you

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The great outdoors! A place to relax, go for a walk or just enjoy mother nature, but sometimes the great outdoors is not so great.

With it being summer, many will be spending more time outside with the bugs, and this time of year, bees are all the buzz.

"What they're doing is they're building nests, they're foraging, they're pollinating plants. That's their purpose," said Jennica Lambert, Exhibits Curator at the River Bend Nature Center in Wichita Falls.

She said they are also raising their young.

"So they'll build paper nests depending on the species, and that's what you see on your house outside," said Lambert.

Although bees are important for our ecosystem they can be harmful if they are uninvited tenants.

That is why Lambert recommends calling a bee removal service if homeowners have a bee problem.

"I would definitely hire a professional, do not do it on your own," said Lambert.

Ticks are another concern.

"They latch on to a mammal host and they suck the blood," said Lambert.

Due to Texoma's mild winter, the tick population is exploding, and these insects can carry diseases. Like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

"It takes 24-hours for a tick to actually give you a disease," said Lambert.

She said something to keep an eye out for is a rash or a ring that looks like a bullseye.

Those who venture outdoors can protect themselves by wearing proper clothing while outside and using bug spray, especially around their ankles.

Lambert said if you are hiking stay on the trail and be sure to check for ticks before heading inside.

"If you see them on you don't burn them off, don't put petroleum jelly, none of those things are good," said Lambert. "Just remove them with tweezers, that's all you have to do."

An insect many homeowners have in their backyards are fire ants, an invasive species that is good at surviving in the Texoma environment.

Lamber said these insects can also be harmful.

"They will swarm and they do release a pheromone and sting you all at once, which is why they are so dangerous," said Lambert. "If you are allergic to that it can put you in shock."

The good news is ant beds can be treated. Lambert said if you do not want to use pesticides there are fungus remedies that will get the job done.

It is important to remember if someone is stung or bit by any of these insects and has a serious reaction, like feeling dizzy, shortness of breath or difficulty swallowing, call 911.

To take care of home pest problems, the owner of Burk Pest Control had these tips to keep summer insects away.

Steve Schelter said to start by having an exterminator spray at least two times a year, in the spring and fall. Also keep debris and clutter out of the yard.

If you want to save a little money and do it yourself, Schelter said be sure to get the entry ways, windows, garage and closets.

The last is concerning a wasp nest. Schelter said if you spray those nests be sure to leave it up for a few days because it will also kill the ones who come back.

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