Woman concerned that signs in downtown Wichita Falls could be misleading

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A Wichita Falls woman said road signs leading into downtown Wichita Falls could be to blame for her daughter's wreck.

Vicki Simons said the ramp leading off of the Lloyd Ruby Overpass to 6th Street is dangerous after her daughter rear-ended the car in front of her when he was stopped at the bottom of the exit trying to turn left onto Austin Street.

"He had his left turn blinker on," said Simons.  Most everyone in Wichita Falls knows you can't make a left hand turn when you get to 6th and Austin because there are bars across the street."

Simons said the signs showing people where to go are unclear especially for people from out of town.

"I believe that to be very misleading for someone who doesn't live in Wichita Falls and doesn't know that they think they could make that left hand turn," said Simons.

The Wichita Falls transportation department installed barriers last March in an attempt to get people to follow the signs after seeing a high number of crashes from people trying to turn onto Austin Street when getting off of the exit.

Wichita Falls Director of Transportation, John Burrus, told Newschannel6 he has not heard any complaints about that intersection since the barriers were installed.

"It's always an evaluation process," said Burrus.  We like looking at the accident reports, at least my staff does, and going in and breaking down those details into what contributed to that accident."

Simons wants to see more signs when coming off of the bypass and merging onto 6th Street.

"There needs to be a sign to represent what needs to happen on this side," said Simons.

John Burrus told us his staff has actually seen a decrease in crashes since those barriers were installed.

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