Firework safety

Firework safety

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - People across the country are getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend and on the holiday itself.

"We have the best country in the world, and we're going to celebrate it this Tuesday," said Russell Nettles of Russell's Fireworks.

Consumers are buying and stocking up on their fireworks for the long holiday weekend ahead, but just like sales, Nettles said safety is equally as important to him.

"I have a bunch of safety tips on my flier right here.  I've got forty years of experience that I've put into safety tips for my customers," said Nettles

If you plan on setting anything off for Fourth of July, Nettles and his employees, like "Dragon," advise people to have a bucket off water and a mop on hand to put out and eliminate the chance for any potential fires.

"This is another method of having a wet mop out for firework safety or fire prevention.  Just take a towel, put a couple of screws in the end of it by folding the corners together, and it holds a lot of water and does a really good job of putting fires out," said Dragon.

Wichita County Sheriff David Duke says this can be one of the busiest times of the year for his deputies.  The sheriff says one of the biggest problems for his office comes from people who line up along county roads and illegally set off their fireworks.

"You have to have permission to be on property in the county, and you can not shoot them from the roadway.  Now, the roadway is from the fence line to the fence line.  That does not mean that you can park along the bar ditch and shoot it off.  You're in the roadway.  It is illegal to do that, and it is a ticketable offense," said Sheriff Duke.

If you would like a link to Russell's safety tips, you can view and print them off by clicking HERE and HERE!

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