Clay County Sheriff's Deputy buys boy new bike

Deputy Ferguson surprised Cole with a new bike
Deputy Ferguson surprised Cole with a new bike

CLAY COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - A Clay County Sheriff's Deputy is in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Last Tuesday, 10-year-old Cole Cassaday and his mother Sara reported a stolen bike to Clay County Sheriff's Department.

After nearly a week of searching Sheriff's K-9 Deputy Joshua Ferguson went above and beyond to help out this young boy.

"I was just sitting at home about an hour before work and I just told myself I am going to go buy him a bike," said Ferguson.

Deputy Ferguson has served with the Clay County Sheriff's Department for nearly three years and spends most of his time working the highways.

Sara Cassaday said, for nearly two days everyone in the community was trying to help find Cole's bike.

Ferguson later called Sara and said he had bought Cole a new bike and was planning to surprise him.

"I just automatically started crying it was absolutely amazing," said Sara Cassaday.

Tuesday, Ferguson and his partner made their way to Cole's house for the big surprise.

At first Cole was confused when he saw a new bike sitting in the back of the patrol car and wasn't sure who the bike belonged to.

That's when Deputy Ferguson said, "It's yours I went and bought it for you."

Cole also go $20 to purchase a bike lock, which he has, to prevent anyone from stealing his bike again.

He said, all he needs a Patriots sicker for the front of the bike and he is good to go.

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