Wichita Falls city leaders hoping to begin sewer improvement project soon

Wichita Falls Sewer Improvements
Wichita Falls Sewer Improvements

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - In new developments, Wichita Falls city leaders are hoping to get a project on the city's sewer system off the ground.

On Wednesday, councilors are expected to award a bid for phase one of that project.

Many of the sewer pipes in the city are 30 to 40 years old. If they are not maintained, it can lead to problems throughout the city.

"You can have leaks, what we call sanitary sewer overflows," Deputy Director of Public Works, Teresa Rose said. "That means your wastewater could be going onto the ground."

Rose said that would be very harmful to the environment. She also said it could also affect your home.

"There (are) also issues as your pipe degrades or gets clogged, that you can have backups into people's homes," Rose said. "And we want to try and prevent that."

That is why Rose and the Public Works Department are eager to get the first phase of a two-part sewer improvements project underway.

In the first phase, they will focus on fixing pipes that are hard to reach.

"They'll go in through a manhole and they'll put a sleeve in there," Rose said. "Then they use their specific resin to go in and cast a pipe through the old pipe."

She said the city has identified areas that need to be addressed.

"They are the areas that have the most maintenance issues that are also older pipes," Rose said. "They definitely are due to be replaced."

Phase one of the project is expected to cost around $100,000 and be completed in 60 days.

Rose said phase two will be a much bigger project that will replace a lot more pipe and is scheduled for later this summer.

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