Renovations to begin at Family Fun Zone

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - On Monday, it was announced that The Plex in Wichita Falls was under new ownership and improvements would be coming.

Renovations for the new Family Fun Zone are now underway, and changes are starting at the front door.

New owners of the Family Fun Zone Kenny and Melanie Nordeen have been in the family entertainment business for almost 40 years and are excited to take on this new project.

"When you first walk through you don't see anything that's wrong you see everything that is good," said Kenny Nordeen. "Then gradually as we came back we saw stuff that needs to be updating."

This updating will give a new look to the building.

"You only get one chance at a first impression," said investor for the business Harry Patterson. "That's what we want to do to. Give that first impression when they first walk through the door."

"Everyone wants fresh paint and new flooring and things like that," said Nordeen.

First up for renovation is the skating rink.

There are plans to put a wooden floor over the current concrete one.

"It will help out in getting a better quality of skaters and be able to have lessons and figure skating and dance lessons," said Nordeen.

The idea to buy The Plex and recreate it to the Family Fun Zone came from Harry Patterson, who envisioned a place he could bring his granddaughter.

"Things get dated and they get used and they need to be fixed," said Patterson.

Other areas up for renovation are the batting cages and even the menu.

The Nordeen's hope these upgrades to the facility will help with their goal of bringing in families.

"It's very important that people have a place to go and where their kids can go and can enjoy as a family and have fun while doing it," said Melanie Nordeen.

There is no timeline on when the remodel will be complete, but owners said they will stay open.

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