Archer City PD warning residents about increase in crime

ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) - Archer City Police officials said there has been an increase in 'prowler' calls this past month.

They posted a series of warnings to the department's Facebook page about the increase in crime.

"We are a small community with big problems," Archer City Chief of Police Justin Perron said.

That caused some residents to be on high alert. The Facebook posts were meant to not only warn residents of more than five break-ins that occurred in June but to make sure they keep their kids off the streets past the city's curfew.

The calls started after someone broke into a car and stole all the valuables inside and then the crimes increased.

"Somebody actually went to my old chief's house, he passed a couple of years ago," Chief Perron said. "They stole a lot of tools he had at the house."

The prowling calls are coming past the 10:00 p.m. city curfew.

"Several people bring up their Second Amendment in order to protect their property, their family, and their lives," Chief Perron said.

He said distinguishing who is a prowler has been complicated.

"Some of the kids are playing a game called 'fugitive,'" Chief Perron said.

Judy Miller, the owner of Mill Wright Marketplace and Flowers, said it is a popular hide-and-seek game played with cars.

"They are trying to get a certain destination before somebody sees them in their car so they are driving kind of fast and a little haphazard," Miller said.

Chief Perron said parents should make sure their children are inside past the curfew to be safe.

He also said homeowners should call law enforcement first then yell out a warning to the possible prowler if they see something suspicious.

"The last thing we want is a homeowner to be trigger-happy and find out they shot a youngster that was playing, what we call back in my day 'hide-and-seek,'" Chief Perron said.

Archer City Police and the Archer County Sheriff's Office have increased patrols at night around areas where they have received most of the calls.

To contact Archer City Police if you see anything suspicious you can click here or call them at (940) 574-2499.

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