How to avoid getting burned with a firework fine this Fourth of July

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Hundreds are buying fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July with a bang, but which ones can be popped inside the Wichita Falls city limits?

Several fireworks stand owners in Wichita County say there are not a lot of them.

"Most fireworks you are not going to be able to do inside the city limits," said Haley Green, Alamo Fireworks.

Green said she gets asked this a lot by customers.

"People obviously don't want to get fined they want to be safe," said Green. "So, the biggest question we get is where can we pop these."

Green said she cannot name a city that is going to let you pop the fireworks in the city limits.

"And I have done this for a long time," she said.

James Gowen, the Wichita Falls Assistant Fire Marshall, and Green both said the fireworks that can be popped inside the city limits must have less than 2.5 grams of smokeless powder. Like Snappers and Party Poppers to name a few.

Green said this information has to be on the packaging.

Gowen said a way to avoid getting burned with a hefty fine, up to two thousand dollars, for discharging fireworks is simple, find an area outside of town and get permission.

He said remember you can be charged with criminal trespassing if you do not get approval.

He adds being outside of the city limits on a public roadway is not the answer.

"The roadway runs from fence line to fence line," said Gowen. "So, if you are caught even in the bar ditch you can still be fined."

As for taking illegal fireworks home.

"We can only confiscate open packages when we see someone discharging the fireworks," said Green.

He said fireworks are to blame for starting a house fire last fourth of July and adds if you are firing them off be responsible and think about the safety of others.
Ways to this are do not drink alcohol while popping them and make sure you have a bucket of water to put them in when you are done and leave them in the bucket overnight.

Every city has its own rules so call your local fire department first to learn the law in your town.

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