Local business hosts event catering to kids with special needs

WICHITA FALLS, TX - One Wichita Falls business is opening its doors to better serve kids with special needs.

"All kids deserve to have fun," said Jennifer Hurst, assistant manager for Chuck E. Cheese.  "All kids deserve to be a kid."

On Sunday, Chuck E. Cheese hosted its Sensory Sensitive Sunday, a time dedicated to kids with special like autism, where kids and their parents can come and experience the fun at their own pace with trained staff on hand.

The idea came from wanting to create an fun environment for all kids.

"We just want to reach out to the community in a different way and we see that this is a need," said Hurst.  "We wanted to be apart of our community and help fill that need and give these kids just as much of an opportunity as every other kid."

On Sensory Sensitive Sunday, kids can experience the fun with some adjustments, like less flashes of light and sound.

John Newby is a dad who is glad to see a business put forth this effort for his children.

"It's a good environment for the kids," said Newby.  "You know a lot of noise and things can be disruptive to them in their sensitive environment so it's a good chance to come out and take advantage this morning."

"You might have a special need or you might behave different around all people," said Hurst.  "It doesn't mean that you should miss an opportunity to play games, to get prizes, to see Chuck E. Cheese, or to eat pizza.  Everyone deserves this experience."

Chuck E. Cheese will host Sensory Sensitive Sunday on the first Sunday of every month.

The next one will be August 6th.

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