"Everything we have is gone:" Cache family home destroyed in fire


CACHE, OK (KAUZ) - A Cache Public Schools teacher and father of two is left with nothing Sunday after discovering a fire burned down his Cache home on Saturday while he was on vacation.

Authorities said the fire started with a lightning strike directly to the home igniting the blaze.

"I'm thinking I don't have any place to live," said Paul Runnels, homeowner. "All my house and everything we have is gone."

Before the sun was up on Saturday morning Paul Runnels said he got the call that his home of seven years was destroyed.

"At two-thirty in the morning you're not processing things so I thought it was a mistake," said Runnels.

However, that call was not a mistake but instead his new reality.

"I got on social media and I asked some people to go by my house to see how bad it was and 'oh my gosh' it is burned all the way to the ground," said Runnels.

He said most of the items in the house are replaceable, but the hardest loss is the memories of his wife who died of brain cancer in 2011.

"Her stuff is in there that we can never get back," said Runnels. "We don't have anything left of her anymore."

Now, Runnels said he and his daughter's plan is to stay with his parents until they find their next move.

Although he says he optimistic, he's also uncertain on how this will change the future for himself and his daughters.

"It's frustrating knowing how long are we going to be without a house and where we are going to stay in the meantime," said Runnels.

To donate to the Runnels family cause you can visit their Go Fund Me page here.

On June 3, there will also be an account set up in the family's name at American Bank in Cache for people to donate in person.

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