Road to College program aims to prepare middle school students for college

WICHITA FALLS, TX - More Than 70 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade students in WFISD are at Midwestern State University getting a jumpstart on preparing for college.

For the organizers of the Road to College Program hosted by Cafe Con Leche, they said students are never too young to set that collegiate goal or to start working toward it.

Mikayla Brown is going to be an 8th grader at Barwise Middle School and has a full load for next year taking all advanced classes.

"I like to challenge myself to see how the real world is going to be," said Brown.  "Whenever you do advanced classes you get your knowledge up really well. It also gets you prepared for the future and all of that."

That's why she is spending her summer at MSU doing the Road to College program.

A camp dedicated to making middle school students college ready with a six-week camp of Math, English, Computers, and leadership.

Something Gonzalo Robles started four years ago after seeing its success in Austin.

"(it's) just amazing that (...) for the small amount of investing we can do in education the transformation we can do in our culture and our community," said Robles.

The focus is to put the idea of college in the mind of families so that many of these middle schoolers can become first-generation college students like Leslie Alvarado.

"Some of these students (have) the mentality that we've been telling them since the 5th grade. That you can go to the college," said Alvarado.  "It's an option and choice. You just (have) to do it.  It's kind of amazing."

Newman Wong teaches Math at MSU and has been teaching the kids in the Road to College Program.

"It's a great program to promote students to college and to get ahead of their academic studies," said Wong.

For Brown, she is glad this camp exists.

"There are a lot of people in the world that don't know what this path is like," said Brown.  "It's better to go ahead and get started now (so) we don't have to stress out in the future whenever that time really comes."

For the last few summers Cafe con Leche held road to college at Vernon College.

After seeing the growth of enrolling students they had to make a change to host it at MSU.

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