Owners search for runaway pets scared by fireworks

Source: KAUZ
Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Several lost pets are walking the streets of Texoma all alone away from their homes.

Firework celebrations, like on the Fourth of July, scare a lot of animals causing them to run away.

Pet owners, like Tramonta Hardeman, walked in and out of the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Center hoping to reunite with their animals.

Hardeman, 22, lost his two-year-old pit bull, Nala after she ran away when she heard the fireworks.

He let the dog outside so she could use the restroom. A few minutes later when he went to let her back in she was gone.

"I called her name," Hardeman said. "She wasn't there. I looked at the gate and my gate was just bent out broke."

City of Wichita Falls Animals Services Center said more than 40 dogs have run away because of fireworks since late-June.

Hardeman has been looking relentlessly looking for Nala.

"I was running crazy," Hardeman said. "I've been up since 2:00 a.m."

He was expecting a surprise but not like this.

"She's pregnant right now."

Nala is due to give birth any day now. Hardeman wants the litter of puppies to be born in his home. He worries for their safety.

"It's been stressful," Hardeman said. "I don't want her to just have the puppies on the street and another dog comes up."

He is still holding out hope he can find Nala before she gives birth.

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