Wichita County Sheriff's Deputies looking out for drug traffickers this summer

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - An Australian national, 22-year-old Timothy Jaroszczuk, was arrested for possession of cocaine just before the 4th of July weekend while traveling through Bowie on U.S. 287 in Montague County.  For most, summer is about having fun and soaking up the sun, but in Wichita County, sheriff's deputies say they're not worried about catching some rays as much as they're worried about catching drug traffickers.

"Sheriff Duke has taken a number of initiatives.  One is he sent several of our deputies to highway interdiction training.  This is training as to what to look for vehicles driving patterns that sort of thing," said Wichita County Sheriff's Deputy Melvin Joyner.

While Wichita Falls might be considered small when compared to the Metroplex, San Antonio, or Houston, Deputy Joyner said that the three major road ways in the county, I-44, U.S. 287 and 82-281, have made Texoma a central hub for narcotics trafficking.

"I think we didn't realize what was coming through our highways. It's sad to say that it's become more common, but for every one you get, five or ten get by," said Deputy Gabriel Villarreal of the Wichita County Interdiction Unit.

The Wichita County Interdiction Unit uses K-9's like Cane who's assigned to Villarreal to search for drugs after pulling over suspected traffickers.  Villarreal said there are times where Cane has been key to catching criminals.

"Without him, we wouldn't be half of what we are.  So, he just makes our job that much easier," said Deputy Villarreal.

Even with help from K-9's, Villarreal said that the county still needs more help when it comes to truly making a dent in local drug trafficking.

"We're a two-man Interdiction Unit along with our K-9.  We at some point have to come to jail with the people we arrest.  If nobody else is working it, then people can get by.  So unless other agencies step it up, and then we can put a dent into it," said Villarreal.

Deputy Joyner said that Sheriff Duke will continue to push for more initiatives and resources when it comes to taking drugs off Wichita County roads.

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