Local businesses strive to give back to the community

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Businesses in Wichita Falls are stepping outside of their doors and putting themselves in the community.

If you walk into Frank and Joe's coffee shop, you will find dozens of mugs, t-shirts, and even candies.

All with one thing in common, these products are made by people of the community.

Jessica Edwards said that's just one way of giving back.

"We have a big heart for non-profits and serving them and giving back to them," said Edwards, owner of Frank and Joe's coffee.  "That was one of the things they started in Frank and Joe's.  "That was a concept we were built on that was in our business plan from the very beginning."

The coffee shop is able to do this by hosting events to raise money for organizations.

Edwards has now bought Primp and Blow with a similar focus, to get involved in the community.

"I feel like when you're in a business we need to step up and support the non-profits and if we can find ways to do that and we can partner up it's good for both businesses."

Another business that's striving to give back, is American National Bank. Thursday they are feeding people at Faith Mission and Faith Refuge.

"It's a very important part of our community and we need to provide services for people that need us," said Bank President Dwight Berry. "We're more happy to do it."

The bank has been giving back to the community for 25 years to different organizations in Wichita Falls.

Berry said he feels it is the least they can do.

"Without the community, we don't have a bank.  We have stockholders, but we're also here because of the community."

Jessica Edwards wants to see more businesses get involved with the community.

"You don't have to give all of your money to the non-profits, but if you team up with them and partner with them they also bring you customers and when they do that then it's a win-win for both," said Edwards.

If you're a small business or know of a business that is giving back to the community and would like to be featured in our 'Banking on Business' segment, click here.

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