Small Business Development Center faces $50,000 state funding cut

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Small Business Development Center at Midwestern State University is facing a Texas state funding cut.

The center is expected to lose around $50,000 starting this fiscal year, August 2017.

In 2016, the SBDC helped create 241 new jobs in North Texas and open 89 businesses in 11 counties.

One of the businesses that has received help from the SBDC is Sawyer Printing and Promo, owned by Tim Sawyer.

Sawyer said he knows the value the SBDC has. He began writing his state legislators to finance the organization when he found out.

He said the center helped him set up his "employer identification number (EIN), know where to go to get the sales in used tax and how to make a business plan."

Officials at SBDC at MSU said they are being forced to cut staff. Right now, they have four full-time employees and three part-time employees.

Lynda Cannedy, the assistant director of the center, said places like Nocona, Graham and Vernon will suffer the most.

The SBDC will not be able to afford to travel as much as they do now to help those business owners achieve their dream. A dream they helped Sawyer achieve.

"To start [my own] business, to be [my] own boss," Sawyer said. "There is a lot of satisfaction in that."

Cannedy said the center may possibly cut the access to research centers in Lubbock.

That research is used by new business owners to help them in their industry: they use it to learn the demographic, learn the amount of traffic that the location receives and what trends are happening in their business.

The SBDC at MSU is looking to receive a USDA grant to earn some of the money back they will lose.

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