Thornberry speaks on wind farm bill

Thornberry speaks on wind farm bill

AUSTIN, TX (KAUZ) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill in June that will eliminate tax breaks for companies that want to build wind farms within 25 miles of military airspace.

Senate Bill 277 was sponsored by Representative James Frank, who also authored similar legislation in the Texas House of Representatives.

The bill will become law on September 1, 2017, and aims to protect military installations from interference that comes from wind farms.

Standing over 300 feet tall and weighing 164 tons, wind turbines can be seen all across North Texas.

But what's not seen is the radar interference they create for Air Force pilots and air traffic control.

Officials have voiced their concerns because they claim the wind turbines movement can be picked up by radar which can pose a safety risk for pilots training at Sheppard Air Force Base.

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Manning, with Sheppard Air Force Base said the wind turbines can cause radar interference during training missions.

"It is a safety factor and that is our primary concern involving the radar," said Manning.

Congressman Thornberry said the issue is not just in Texas, but all across the country.

"One of the things we are seeing from Virginia to California military facilities are encountering these problems there needs to be action at a national level to deal with it," said Congressman Thornberry.

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