First time donor reflects on blood donation experience

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The people of Wichita Falls are giving back Friday by giving blood at Newschannel6.

The summer is the most important time to give blood because during the summer the Texas Blood Institute sees a decrease in donors, but they say these months are just as important as any other time.

Tammy Alexander decided to give blood for the first time today getting the idea from her daughter, who donates twice a year.

"I thought you know that sounds like something neat to do," said Alexander.  "I'm glad they came here. It was an experience."

Blood donations are most commonly used in transfusions. Alexander gave one pint of blood, which has the potential to save three lives.

"It makes me feel great," said Alexander.  "I'm glad to do it."

Richard Haddox is the General Manager at Newschannel 6 and gave blood Friday.

"It makes me feel great that you can take literally an hour of your day and save three people. It makes me feel great."

Alexander's experience giving blood was quick and so good she is looking forward to next time.

"I plan on doing it again," said Alexander.  "I even asked the girl and she said eight weeks.  I'll be there.  I think it is something that everybody should do.  It doesn't take long. It's not painful, and it is going to help somebody eventually."

To find out where you can go to give blood, click here.

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