Wichita Falls men rescue Munday family after boat flips over


MUNDAY, TX (KAUZ) - A Munday Pastor and his family are forever grateful to four Wichita Falls men whose quick thinking has them sharing a story of survival.

Wayne and Brenda Speer said Monday started off as a great day fishing on Miller Creek Reservoir near Munday with their grandkids who are two-years-old, six-years-old and eight-years-old. But when it was time to head back in from their day on the lake, everything changed.

Wayne Speer said he started up the motor to his boat and he and his family, six others including himself, came out of the cove full blast.

"We came around the corner into the lake here that was white capping and full of high waves, and in just a few seconds time it swamped the boat and just took it over," said Speer.

He said that is when their boat flipped over, and everybody fell in the water, including his wife Brenda who was not wearing a life jacket and does not know how to swim.

"My son-in-law grabbed the six-year-old, and my daughter grabbed the two-year-old and my wife and I grabbed the eight-year-old," said Speer.

While the family was hanging on to their boat for dear life, no other boaters were in sight. But little did they know, nearby four friends from Wichita Falls were.

Lee Heaton, Braydon McCrary, Josh Mathiesen and Adam Williams had never been to Miller Creek Reservoir but decided to drop their pontoon boat into the water that day to try and catch some fish.

"We were about to call it a day when I don't know why we decided to try another part of the lake before we went home," said Heaton.

They said it was extremely windy and was white capping everywhere so they decided to check out the cove where things were said to be calmer.

"Soon as we took off that way Lee said looks like that boat might be upside down, and as we got closer we could see someone waving on top of it," said McCrary.  

On top of that boat was Speer's eight-year-old grandson.

Speer said, "I told him you got to get up there to help us."

He said that is when he pushed his grandson up on top of the boat.

"He was crying terribly, and I told him wave your arms, wave your arms," said Speer.

Heaton said everybody else was in the water but Speer's grandson.

"I mean he saw us, so he was just waving his little heart out," said Heaton.

That is when the men pulled up and jumped into action without thinking and without a plan.

"Everybody just kind of did what they thought they should do," said Heaton.

Heaton drove the boat, and Williams and Mathiesen hopped into the water while McCrary was helping pull people out of the lake.

"They dove in the water and took us one by one up on their pontoon boat and saved our lives," said Speer.

Brenda and Wayne Speer said they would never be able to thank the men enough for what they did and feel that God brought them to save their lives.

While they believe there is no way to ever fully repay the men, they would like to reunite with them. The family mailed out personal letters to all four inviting them out to dinner so they can show their appreciation.

The men say they did what anybody would do to make sure that family was okay. They joked that they do not know how to handle people calling them heroes, but are grateful they were there for that family.

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