Electra hospital and police department change protocol on venomous snakes

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Electra has seen an increase in reported venomous snakes in people's homes. The high heat is bringing the snakes out from the fields and onto people's properties.

Electra Police Department officials said they have removed more than 50 snakes from people's homes.

They had one reported snake bite from a 92-year-old woman. A baby rattlesnake bit the woman on her index finger.

Officers found the snake hiding underneath her stove. It was a baby rattlesnake which is more poisonous than an adult snake because they cannot control their venom.

The elderly woman, like other snake bite victims, was treated at the Electra Memorial Hospital with CroFab, a type of snake anti-venom.

Electra Memorial used to be able to only treat patients with four vials of CroFab and not the minimum six vials dose.

After receiving a grant with Peyton's Project and partnering with United Regional Hospital in 2016 they now have required six vials at all times.

When they treat a patient with the six vials they then transfer the patients to United Regional for further treatment.

Electra Memorial then receives six new vials to replace the ones they used. They are now able to replace expiring CroFab vials as well.

"One of the problems hospitals had before is they might not get a snake before the vials expire," David Lee, Pharmacy Manager at Electra Memorial Hospital, said.

Electra Police also changed their protocol when removing venomous snakes. Officers used to remove snakes from people's homes by hand but after an officer got bit they switched to using snake catchers.

The police department bought three new snake catchers, one for each unit.

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