Local call center hopes to grow in employees

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A Wichita Falls call center is celebrating it's first nine months in the city, calling it a success.

In October,  Mark Speight was looking for a way to support his wife and kids. That's when he found USA 800.

"I was very lucky to be one of the first hiring groups here," said Speight.

Since then, Speight has worked his way up through the company and has recently been moved to call center manager.

This is something that Wichita Falls chamber board member, Ripley Tate wanted to see when the company announced they were coming.

"This is an example of a true success story of these joint efforts that we have this adds to the list of the eagle rail cars and the Lonestar milk transports of the world," said Tate.

This success story started from a nationwide search when USA 800 looked to expand. They choose Wichita Falls because CEO Tom Davis had a feeling the call center would do well in the community.

The last nine months has left him hopeful for growth.

"We're a growing business and I think we should be able to," said Davis.  "We plan on adding another 150 to 200 within the next three to four months.  I think this could be the largest facility it's truly going to be a facility we're going to count on for years to come."

USA 800 has been able to accomplish a lot, one of those things is becoming a 24-hour facility.

Davis says one of the reasons for the success, is keeping the company in the United States.

"The fact that we have a number of the community here it really has a lot of people that really care about customer service," said Davis.  They care about their customers and their clients and that's really shown through."

As for Speight, he wants to keep climbing the corporate ladder. From here I would like to finish my degree and then from there I would like to get a higher position in this company," said Speight.

The company said the success of USA 800 wouldn't be possible without the people in Wichita Falls.

Tom Davis, CEO of USA 800 said the company hopes to add at least 150 jobs by Christmas.

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