Special events venues begin to blossom in Wichita Falls

The Warehouse
The Warehouse

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - On Thursday Kevin Fowler will be performing at the Warehouse, a new special events venue that opened in May.

The space at 14th and Lamar was renovated by the owners of P2.

But it is not the only venue for events like this one in the downtown area.

An outdoor special events venue is in the works at 806 Travis Street and a new conference center could be built next to the MPEC.

The presence of these venues is creating a lot of excitement.

"It's rough, rustic, and somewhat industrial," C.E.O. of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, Henry Florsheim said. "But they've done such an amazing job cleaning it up and making it very presentable and functional."

Steve Wilkinson, the co-owner of P2, needed more parking at his restaurant.

To get it, he had to purchase the building next door.

"We didn't want the building," Wilkinson said. "But after coming in, looking at it and seeing the wood and the potential of the building, we were very excited. It changed everything that we decided to do."

It is not just changing what they do, but what the city is doing as well.

"Every time we have something open like The Warehouse and Stone Palace and have more of it coming, it makes it easier for those of us trying to plan events," Florsheim said. "And figure out where do we want this event to be."

Wilkinson said they are already bringing in more people that Wichita Falls may not see otherwise.

"One of our very first events brought in people from all over the world," he said. "So it's not just people in the Wichita Falls area. We're bringing people in from everywhere."

"When somebody from the outside comes and spends their money here, whether it's for economic development or for tourism purposes, that's economic development," Florsheim said. "That brings new dollars into the economy and that grows our community."

Wilkinson credits the community for their success.

"They're great," he said. "It's what makes things happen around here. Our community and the people of Wichita Falls are fabulous in their support. And that's what makes it great."

More events are coming to The Warehouse after Thursday night's concert. In August Brandon Rhyder will perform on the 4th and Randall King on the 18th.

A look at other events at The Warehouse can be found on the Newschannel 6 Community Calendar. If you have an event that you would like on our calendar, simply fill out a form on our website.

Once it's approved it will be added to the spot where thousands turn to see what's going on.

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