Wichita Falls water reuse project on schedule

LAKE ARROWHEAD, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls water reuse project is up to date. It is a water project that started in February of 2016 because of the drought that started almost ten years ago.

On Wednesday, the contractor tested the final section of the 17-mile pipeline, which starts at a water treatment center in Wichita Falls to Lake Arrowhead, and it passed.

All that remains on the pipeline is some cleaning, minor repairs where they are needed and a final grading and seeding. The pipeline should be ready by mid to late August.

Russell Schreiber, Wichita Falls Director of Public Works, said the water project will not make the city drought proof but it will help it better cope with drought conditions.

"Maybe we do not go to stage two of the drought plan," Schreiber said. "We will be able to stay at stage one because we are able to reuse this water, the water in the system."

He said it will also keep water from increasing too high rates during a drought. Schreiber said residents, he spoke with, support the project. Businesses looking to move to Wichita Falls are too.

"One of the first things they ask is 'we need this much water, can you supply it?' and the answer is 'yes' we can do it now," Schreiber said.

When and under what conditions to pump water into Lake Arrowhead is still being discussed.

"There is no sense in keep pumping that water out there to keep the reservoir full and then next large rainfall or flood passes and that all water passes through the spillway anyway," Schreiber said.

The plant in Lake Arrowhead is also on the schedule. It should be completed and up and be running by December of this year.

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