Wichita Christian School hosts annual "Leadership Breakfast"

Wichita Christian School hosts annual "Leadership Breakfast"

Members of Texoma's Business community learned how focusing on personal happiness and emotional success in their everyday lives. Over 500 people showed up inside the Kay Yeager Coliseum in Wichita Falls for Wichita Christian School's annual Leadership Breakfast to hear an inspiring message from Tommy Newberry best selling author, creator of "The Joy Challenge," and executive coach.

"Wichita Christian School every summer sponsors this leadership breakfast we invite all of the leaders from the community or potential leaders from the community to hear a message that's going to help encourage and equip them to be more effective in their jobs as leaders," said Wichita Christian School Superintendent Tom Snell.

Wichita Christian School raises thousands of dollars from this annual leadership breakfast.

It all goes into helping our kids in the classroom it goes into supporting our teachers it goes into providing the things and materials that they need it goes into sources that are critical to running the school and making sure kids have a good educational experience," said Snell.

Newberry travels the country helping leaders focus on the positive.

"A lot of people think that joy is something that happens on the outside. But my message of joy is about what's going on inside, with your thoughts in life, and the great news is we have control over that," said Newberry.

As a key note speaker for the Leadership Breakfast Newberry hopes that the business leaders, church groups, educators, families, and married couples that attended the event will be able to walk way with a reality that they have a new beginning anytime they want to choose it. Newberry says every moment is a fresh start.

"And so, if I can create that little spark for people to make just a little tweak just a few degrees then they are going to start noticing more of the good stuff in their life and it's going to start to snowball," said Newberry.

Before leaving Newberry challenged the crowd to "Plan for Joy" everyday and take part in "The 40 Joy Challenge" which you can learn more about by clicking HERE.