A look at Texas' 20-item special session Agenda

AUSTIN, TX (KAUZ) - Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is calling lawmakers back to Austin for a 30-day special session.

It is set to begin on Tuesday, July 18 at 10 a.m.

Governor Abbott has laid out 20 issues that he wants legislators to tackle.

The first is the "Sunset bill," a must pass legislation that would keep state agencies like the Texas Medical Board functioning and operating. The "Sunset Bill" must be passed before lawmakers can consider the other 19, including some controversial items, like the "Bathroom Privacy Bills."

On Monday, a bill was filed that would replace existing city and county ordinances and school district policies offering protections to a class of people not covered by federal and state law.

While the bills do not mention those who are transgender, they could impact the bathrooms and locker-rooms they use.

Property tax reform is also on the list. The governor wants reductions in property taxes statewide and backed a plan that would restrict the amount cities and counties can raise property taxes on residents without a vote.

Governor Abbott also wants legislators to pass more laws regulating abortion. In his re-election announcement Friday he said he wants to prevent cities and counties from using tax dollars to fund health providers that perform abortions. He is also calling for stronger reporting requirements when there are health complications because of abortions.

According to Legislative Research Library Records, there have been 119 special sessions since 1850. The last one was in 2013 called by former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry called 12 special sessions during his 15 years as governor.

All 20 items on the special session call:

  • "Sunset" legislation, which would keep several crucial state agencies alive
  • A teacher pay raise of $1,000
  • Giving school administrators flexibility in teacher hiring and retention
  • School finance reform
  • School choice for special needs students
  • Rollback elections for property tax increases
  • Caps on state and local spending
  • Preventing cities from regulating what property owners do with trees on private land
  • Preventing local governments from changing rules midway through construction projects
  • Speeding up local government permitting processes
  • Municipal annexation reform
  • Preventing local entities from passing their own texting-while-driving bans
  • Restrictions on school bathroom use for transgender students
  • Prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars to collect union dues
  • Prohibiting the use of taxpayer funding to subsidize health providers that also perform abortion
  • Requiring women to get separate insurance policies to cover non-emergency abortions
  • Increasing existing reporting requirements when complications arise during abortions
  • Strengthening patient protections relating to do-not-resuscitate orders
  • Cracking down on mail-in ballot fraud
  • Extending the state's maternal mortality task force

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