Newest art project encourages inclusiveness in community

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - If you drive around downtown on Austin street you'll get to see a new piece of art in Wichita Falls.
More than 1,200 hundred individually painted picket fences debuted Saturday morning at Nexus Art Park, next to the Attebury Plant.
the Wichita Falls Art Alliance got the idea for the don't fence me in project...earlier this year.
Saturday, people in the community got to see the art work displayed. 
Organizers said they wanted this project to deliver a message of inclusiveness.
"You don't see the person in the picket," said Erik Zambrano, a volunteer with the project.  "I mean yeah you see their expression their personality and what they have to offer but you don't see physicality, you don't see color, you don't see age, you don't see social economic, background.  You don't see any of that.  It's just art and putting people on the same level through art is huge."
This project was made possible through donations of picket fences to the art alliance...and the painting came from members from all over the community.
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