Parents and teachers getting ready for back to school

Parents and teachers getting ready for back to school

Amy Frerichs' daughter is going into the seventh grade at Christ Academy

"I think I'm a little more excited than she is," said Frerichs.

She is so excited, that most her school supplies is ready.
"Her backpack came in Friday, I don't wait," said Frerichs.  "I've gone ahead and just ordered most of it.  There are a few things that I haven't gotten yet, but most of it I've already taken care of."
It's not just the kids and parents getting ready for school to start.
"I'm never quite ready and always ready," said Sally Wilson, an English teacher and choir director at Wichita Christian School.
Teachers are also getting back into gear for the new year.

One way many do that is by taking education classes over the summer and going to conferences.

This way they can implement new things in the classroom.
"It keeps me from being bored," said Paula Holsberry, a fifth and sixth grade teacher at Wichita Christian School.  "It keeps me fresh and if I'm excited about teaching than the kids are going to learn it so much better."
"When I find something that might enhance my teaching and so my students will be better prepared for speaking Spanish, then I'm all for learning new things," said Candice McKee, a Spanish teacher at Wichita Christian.

"I think if you just do the same thing year in and year out you get dull," said Wilson.
The teachers say it's also important to keep the education going during the summer.

"Take them to a museum," said Holsberry.  "Take them out with you when you're doing things you need to do and incorporate those everyday life skills with the subjects that they learn in school."

"We have some math tutoring," said Frerichs.  "We go to the library and choose a book and try to do that once a week and just kind of keep busy that way."
Frerichs said the most important thing is keeping a schedule for her daughter.
"It just helps when you start back to school," said Frerichs.  "Kids aren't so sleepy.  They are kind of already used to that routine and just they're ready."

If your child needs his or her shots before going back to school, doctor's offices are already doing that for the new school year.

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