Alcohol could soon be on the November ballot in Clay County

CLAY COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Clay County could soon allow alcohol sales of all kinds including mixed drinks.

"Any part of the county would be able to sell any type of alcohol if this passes," said Sasha Kelton, Clay County Clerk.

The owners of the Jolly Truck Stop filed a signed petition in late June to allow alcohol sales.  However, before the item could be placed on the Clay ballot in November, the county needed to verify the signatures on the petition.

"They needed 996, which is a percentage of voters who voted in the last governor's election.  They actually obtained 1,088," said Kelton.

Jolly Truck Stop owner Yadi Kamali said he's always felt it was unfair that he was not allowed to sell alcohol, but other areas in the county could through votes.  While Kamali said he failed to get the town of Jolly to support his call to sell alcohol in the past, he's now confident that voters in Clay will support him and the issue on the upcoming ballot.

"We live in America.  America is a free country.  If they don't want to drink beer, fine.  They just don't buy it, but they can not dictate for somebody else not to buy it," said Kamali.

Kelton said that the next step for the petition to be accepted is the Clay County Commissioners Court, which will occur at the next regular session on Monday. From that point on next month, the Clay County Commissioners Court will order the election to be held, and it will be placed under the constitutional amendments which will be on the ballot on November 7th.

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