WFISD approves 170K weight room for Barwise & a calendar change


WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Barwise Middle School in Wichita Falls is finally getting a new weight room after months of debate and a promise parents say was made years ago.

At Monday night's WFISD board meeting trustees approved spending $40,000 more for the weight room than they had hoped.

At the meeting, they went over those new bids they received and decided to go with the lowest out of the three, for a total cost of $169,750.

Trustee Bill Franklin said this project is going to cost way more than he thinks it should but adds the board did promise they would build a new weight room for those students. Franklin ended up making the motion to approve the project and the board members unanimously voted for it.

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said construction will start as soon as possible.

"Soon as we get the contract finalized and everything, which will happen here probably towards the end of the month," said Superintendent Kuhrt. "So we will probably start somewhere around the first of August." 
It is going to be a steel metal building with a concrete floor, about 1,500 square feet and will be located at the back of Barwise near Maplewood Avenue.

A change to next year's school calendar was also approved at the meeting.

Since the state just released its state testing calendar, the district is going to have to change a bad weather day.

This will make the last day of school May 25. If the district does not have to use that bad weather day then the last day of school will be Thursday, May 24.

School board members also got their last construction progress update for the Career and Education Center Monday night.

Superintendent Kuhrt said they are on schedule to be finished by the ribbon cutting ceremony taking place at the beginning of August.

However, the furniture that was supposed to be delivered mid-July has been delayed. Superintendent Kuhrt said that delivery will happen the last week of July now.
He said this way all of the furniture can arrive together and will make things easier.

Right now the district is working with the city on their Certificate of Occupancy for the CEC. Superintendent Kuhrt said they need it before the ribbon cutting ceremony that is scheduled for August 8 at 8:30 a.m.

Everyone is welcome to attend that event and tour the new facility.

Superintendent Kuhrt said in September there will be an open house where students and teachers will put on demonstrations.

The board also received a grant for $660,000 from the McCoy Foundation out of Wichita Falls.

That grant is for a program called Scientific Learning: Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant. It is designed to help students with early reading and language skills. The board is having to front $436,800 to get the program started.

Superintendent Kuhrt said he is so grateful for the grant and excited about the program and the impact it will have on WFISD student.

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