Hometown Pride Tour: Activities at Lake Arrowhead State Park

LAKE ARROWHEAD, TX (KAUZ) - We continue our hometown pride tour at Lake Arrowhead State Park focusing on fun activities and other stuff to do for all ages.

"We see thousands of people every year. My job entails a lot of different things but primarily it's offering a great place for the folks of Texas to enjoy the great outdoors," said Keith Gauthier Superintendent for Lake Arrowhead State Park.

And not just Texas but for people from all over the globe.

"It's not just people from Wichita Falls or the surrounding community. People come from all over the U.S. (...) Whether it's a pit stop or they're here on vacation or they have family in the area, but we have people from several states and countries every year because it's great," said Gauthier.

However, just three years ago things were far from great as Lake Arrowhead and most of North Texas was in the midst of a severe drought.

"We didn't have the amount of water that we have today and obviously that's important for other aspects of life. But for the folks who want to use the water for recreation, it's definitely been a savior for them. They are thankful for it. They're out here all the time the crowds have just increased in size and numbers and they're busy every weekend out here," said Gauthier.

With the lake and the docks that sit off it full up once again Gauthier believes that the park conditions are back to their prime.

But people now come out for more than just the water. Many visits for the outdoor recreation like some of the geocaching available, the six miles worth of trails to walk, and the disc golf course; the only one of its kind in a Texas State Park.

"It's still a busy time out here we'll be busy through the end of Summer and into the fall months but if you're looking to come out and have a great time you can do that here at Lake Arrowhead," said Gauthier.

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