My H20 Portal step-by-step walk through

My H20 Portal step-by-step walk through

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Twenty-four hours after it launched, on Monday, the meter is going up. The My H2O Portal helps Wichita Falls residents monitor their water usage.

"Finding that information and knowing is much better than not knowing," resident Max Salazar said.

Salazar cannot wait to start using the portal so he and his fiancé can learn how to conserve water and save money.

"I would like to know how much we are using and what is the big drain," Salazar said. "For instance, If we are taking too long showers, or if the washing machine is at a capacity bigger than it needs to be."

Before they start to monitor their water usage, customers first need to learn how to use the portal. It starts by going to the Wichita Falls city website and clicking on the 'My H2O Portal' link.

Customers can register using their account number, only the numbers to the left of the dash, and their address. The account number can be found on the utility bill.

"The big benefit of the new system is to alert customers of early detection of leaks," Azura Kerr, Billing Manager of Utilities Collection Water Department said.

The water units measuring the water usage on the website are not live. They are on a 24-hour delay, but still, have plenty of options for customers.

"You can click on usage details and it is going to bring you to a screen where you can pick 24 hours, seven days, 30 days or 12 months," Kerr said.

Customers can also add specific dates and adjust what units their water is measured. The Wichita Falls Water Department measures water in cubic feet. One cubic foot equals 7.84 gallons of water.

Customers can set up alerts if they plan on going on vacation by clicking on settings, usage alerts, then scroll down to the section labeled "Vacation Alerts" and insert the days they will be out of town.

Alerts can be sent through email or text. When customers register their email, they should receive an email message to complete their registration. If it is not in their inbox, they should check their spam folder.

To add multiple accounts go to settings, user settings, then click manage account, add account and put their account number plus insert their address in the security token.

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 100 people have already registered to My H20 Portal.

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